Program Overview

July 10 - 14 | Vernon, NJ

Come to Camp Snowball to gain the tools you need to significantly impact student success and help all students develop the skills and capacities they need to succeed and lead in the 21st century.

Program Overview

To thrive in our changing world, students need to think in systems and take action for a healthy future. Using systems thinking as a foundation through the week, Camp Snowball — a summer professional development program that brings together school and district-wide teams of educators, youth, parents, business and community leaders — increases everyone’s capacity for learning and leading.

At Camp Snowball, educators learn and practice the skills to facilitate critical thinking and problem solving, administrators develop the capacity to create school cultures where teachers are trusted innovators, students develop critical thinking and communication skills so they can take action for a sustainable future, and community partners become contributors to the health of the larger system using the tools of systems thinking, Education for Sustainability, and organizational learning.

During this highly interactive program, educators, administrators and students work together in small and large workshops, at hands-on activities and on group “learning journeys” to nearby destinations. Team time and personal time for reflection are important parts of the week’s schedule.

Camp Snowball focuses on empowering educators and their students to think deeply and critically, manage complexity, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and achieve academically. Teams work together during Camp Snowball to plan how they will use what they’ve learned back in their communities.

A parallel camp for students entering grades K-6, called Camp Sunshine, is run at the Minerals Hotel for young relatives of Camp Snowball participants and local area children. This program enables Camp Snowball participants to have the opportunity to see systems thinking in action with younger children by visiting and participating in the Camp Sunshine activities. Scroll down to learn more about Camp Sunshine.

We invite you to join with colleagues from around the country to learn from and with esteemed faculty with many years of practical school and classroom experience. Work with your team, your peers, and with leading thinkers like  Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization.

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Who Attends Camp Snowball

Individuals, school- and district-wide teams of all sizes are welcome. There are special discounts for teams of 8 or more. We encourage communities and school systems to put together diverse teams of 2-100 that include:

  • K-12 Teachers
  • District Administrators at all levels
  • School Administrators at all levels
  • Students
  • Parents
  • School Board Members
  • Community Members
  • Business and Government Leaders
  • Staff and Volunteers from Youth-Service Organizations

The Strength of Teams

Teams build critical mass and local capacity by  substantially increasing the impact of participation. They improve the likelihood that new approaches will be adopted on a wider basis by the home district or school.

Engaging community organizations and businesses both in underwriting a district’s Camp Snowball participation and also by attending, increases the success of implementing new systemic and classroom approaches developed at Camp Snowball. This kind of on-the-ground support creates additional commitment to this work for the future.

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“Camp Snowball brought our team closer. Because of the new skills they gained, they are starting to see and think about their work differently — how does it fit with what others in the district are doing. These tools can be used by everyone, and we need everyone involved.”

Steve Martinez

Superintendent Twin Rivers USD, CA