Camp Snowball provides hands-on tools that support teachers and administrators during this time of rapid change

As we look to the future, we continue to see that education affects many other systems. A good education leads to greater individual health and well-being and increase students’ potential. It builds and supports community and communities. In fact– it has been found that social determinants – like education an schools, housing, public safety, jobs and economic security, have more to do with a person’s health than their genetic make-up.

A relevant education, one that helps students develop their critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills, is the heart of a healthy society.

This summer, we are exploring the interconnectedness of education and health in several forms and exploring what inspiration, learning and innovation we can glean from both.

Join us at the beautiful Minerals Hotel in Vernon, NJ for a week of great and transformative professional development. Continuing ed credits are available.

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First —
Ground yourself in the basics. New to systems thinking? New to organizational learning? Peter Senge, author of the foundational book, The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization will provide a solid footing for the rest of the week’s learnings in this fast-paced, hands-on session

Experience. How good are your team learning skills? Do you feel like you are sometimes operating on your own? What does it take to collaborate and communicate effectively—especially when the pressure is on. Challenge your decision-making and systems thinking skills, when it’s Friday night at the ER and you’re in charge. Through this fun simulation, you’ll discover many insights that you will want to apply when you get back home.

Hear innovation stories from the field that will make you rethink what’s possible—

For example:

How Bexar County police, public health, and community stakeholders (including schools and educators) are working together in San Antonio to prevent over 100,000 youth visits to the emergency room, or to jail for mental health-related issues over an eight year period, which has saved the county more than a $100M and the youth and families involved more than money can buy.

And, Jennifer Jones Austin’s provocation from her own experiences of combatting her own illness by building a social movement and what it takes to engage people in collective social action and how to become advocates for social justice and equity.

And, Victor F. Garcia MD, sharing, as a renowned children’s cardiac surgeon and confronting the violence done to children, his search for addressing the root causes in children’s health services, violence, childhood obesity, infant mortality, and other social ills like chronic unemployment and gun violence.

All of this and more —
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So step away from your desk. Make the time for you and your team to focus on the important and strategic. Bring a team and Register Now. Don’t miss this great experience. July 10-14. Vernon, NJ.

P.S. Your K-6 children can enroll for Camp Sunshine, a great systems-thinking based program that runs parallel to Camp Snowball at the same location!